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Electric Vehicles: 5 Reasons to Commit to Your First EV

Whether you’re looking to save on fuel, go ‘green’ or simply try something new, there are plenty of reasons to get into an electric vehicle (EV). With recent advances in EV battery technology and an increasing number of lower-cost electric…Read more

To lease or to finance – which is right for you?

We know that the journey to car ownership – especially in the current market – can be complicated. For most of us, either leasing or financing is preferred over buying the car outright. Both help to break down the overall…Read more

Love your subscription car and want to own it? Now you can.

In 2022, here at Carbar, we’ve been listening closely to what our existing and potential customers want and need, as well as how they feel about their car ownership journey.  With 5 million Australians over the age of 21 looking…Read more
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Subscribe OR buy? The genius of AND!

Buying and owning a car can be riddled with challenges and unexpected costs. In today’s market, not only do waiting periods for new vehicles exceed a year, but the cost of used cars is continuing to soar at all-time highs.…Read more
Keeping Your Car Running in Winter

Keeping Your Car Running in Winter

Winter brings more than a few challenges. Pitch black mornings, freezing cold walks to the car, definitely no trips to the beach – it’s a rough time of year for a lot of people. What doesn’t make it better is…Read more

6 Epic Winter Road Trips From Your Major City

Struggling with ideas this winter? These road trips will keep you occupied and cosy in the colder months. From Melbourne Great Ocean Road The Great Ocean Road is one of Victoria’s most iconic drives, and this time-tested route will take…Read more
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